Started: 30.01.2016

I had always many hobbies and one of them was modelling an RC models. As you can see I am also an enthusiastic photographer. Because of these two facts I started to build a multicopter (Hexacopter) from pure pleasure to modelling and after construction work start taking a aerial photos and videos. I will share with you all the data from the beginning to the end of this project.

I decided to build an six rotor copter (Hexacopter) from stability and thrust power reasons. For start I want to use a GoPro Camera and later maybe my DSLR Camera. I bought a light Hexacopter Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Frame.

On pictures above we can see all included items that arrived in Carbon Fiber Frame pack. In next few steps I will show how to assembly Carbon Fiber Frame and all advantages and disadvantages of the frame.

First we have to assembly the end of the "arms". At the end are attached motor mount plates and "spikes" legs for landing (hooks). We have to use M3 x 10 mm hexagon socket screws to attach motor mount plates and M3 x 6 mm hexagon socket screws to attach legs for landing.

We have to assembly all six pieces.

For the preview let see how will be assembled the bottom and top plate of the centre of the hexacopter frame. In this step we have to use M3 x 12 mm Allen Head Countersunk screws to attach Tube Mount on a top plate of the hexacopter frame, 5 x 19,5 mm M3 Hexagon Tapped Spacers that are attached to the bottop plate of the hexacopter with M3 x 8 mm Allen Head Countersunk screws.

But if we have started assembly the "arms" let's finish with them. On the opposite site of the arm we have to attach the Tube Mount. Before attaching tube mount with M3 x 20 mm Hexagon Socket Screws we have to sand away a bit of the tube surface, because they don't fit perfectly into tube mount. Don't use any force to put the tube into the tube mount, otherwise we will break the tube mount!

After screwing the tube mount on tube with M3 x 20 mm Hexagon Socket Screws we will see that we have also small Hexagon Socket Set Screws to fix the tube into tube mount. I'm not sure if this is necessary, because the tube is already very tied to the tube holder, but let them put in anyway. Be sure to rotate the flat surface of the tube mount in the opposite direction of the "looking" of the landing legs. Do the same with other five pieces and we are done with all six arms of the hexacopter.

In next step we have to attach all hexagon spacers to the bottom plate of hexacopter. Spacers must be screwed with M3 x 8 mm Allen Head Countersunk Screws.

When we are done with spacers, put all six arms with tube mount side on spacers. But before we put the top plate of hexagon frame on, we have to screw M3 x 6 mm Nylon Threaded Spacers with the M3 Nylon Nuts on the top plate.

When we are done with that, follow the instructions above and put all six arms on the spacers of the bottom plate and on that put the top plate.

Use M3 x 12 mm Allen Head Countersunk Screws and attach top plate of the frame through the tube mounts to the hexagon spacers.

And we are done with assembling the Hexacopter Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Frame for Hexacopter Drone.

Conclusions: on first look is carbon frame quite robust, all screws fit by the purpose. One or two small critics can be given; the carbon tubes have to be sanded to fit the tube mount and at some carbon, parts can be sighted rough cuts that have to be sand away. Summarized the quality and price the final assessment would be 8/10.

Some additional data:

  • Assembled weight 442 g (weighted)
  • 630 mm from motor mount plate center to motor mount plate center (if the carbon tubes are aligned to the edge of the tube mount)
  • 665 mm from the end of the motor mount plate to the end of motor mount plate
  • 48 mm height from the floor to the edge of the bottom plate
  • 16/19/25 mm hole to hole at the motor mount plate to mount motor

I will continue updating this page with all updates on this project. Feel free to leave a comment or a question below, also don't forget to share with your friends!

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