We meet electricity in our every ordinary day as specially entertainment electronic, as electrical engineer I understand it!

Sport Activity Increase Productivity

Running, walking, cycling, whatever we do it improves our mental and physical health.

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

All of us love nice photos, which is why I am doing it. Many beautiful photos can be found in the gallery.

Good Food

Good food always bring smile on our faces. Do delicious food for people who love food, because they are always the best friend.

Knowledge from Different Fields

To know and see different things from different aspects allow us to be better and stronger!

Do it! For everyone who want to see you fail.

Website is dedicated to all who support my work. On this website, you can find the literature of my studies, photographs, videos, everything that I do and want to share with others. Thanks for all the support that you give me!

Stay good and follow me! ;)


My passion aside electronic is taking photo and video production. Nothing is better as good quality photo with deep message.

Projects & Tutorials

Projects & Tutorials
Here you can find a variety of posts, tutorials, tips, perhaps only information that is useful to you.


Study material of my studies in the field of electrical engineering at the undergraduate and postgraduate studies. So far, only in the Slovenian language.
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